Sitakanta Pattanaik
Principal Investigator
Scientist III

  • (859) 257-3586
  • (859) 323-1077
  • University of Kentucky
    1401 University Drive
    Lexington KY 40546-0236
  • Kentucky Tobacco Research & Development Center

Professional Profile

I have been working at KTRDC since 2001:

2001 - 2004          post-doctoral scientist with Dr. Indu B. Maiti

2004 - 2005          post-doctoral scientist with Dr. Ling Yuan

2005 - 2009          Scientist I with Dr. Ling Yuan

2009 - 2018          Scientist II

2018 - present      Scientist III

Research Interests

1. Transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation of secondary metabolism in plants

2. Isolation and characterization of novel promoters for plant genetic engineering



I hold a Ph.D. in Plant Science from Utkal University, India

Additional Information

Selected publications

Singh SK, Patra B, Paul P, Pattanaik S, Yuan L. (2021) BHLH IRIDOID SYNTHESIS 3 is a member of a bHLH gene cluster regulating terpenoid indole alkaloid biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus. Plant Direct 00:e00305. 

Liu X, Singh SK, Patra B, Liu Y, Wang B, Wang J, Pattanaik S, Yuan L (2021) Protein-phosphatase NtPP2C2b and MAP-kinase NtMPK4 act in concert to modulate nicotine biosynthesis. Journal of Experimental Botany (in press).

Singh SK, Richmond MD, Pearce RC, Bailey WA, Hou X, Pattanaik S, Yuan L (2020) Maleic hydrazide elicits global transcriptomic changes in chemically topped tobacco to influence shoot bud development. Planta 252(4):64.

Kong Q, Singh SK, Mantyla JJ, Pattanaik S, Guo L, Yuan L, Benning C, Ma W (2020) TEOSINTE BRANCHED1/CYCLOIDEA/PROLIFERATING CELL FACTOR 4 interacts with WRINKLED1 to mediate seed oil biosynthesis. Plant Physiology 184:658-665.

Singh SK, Patra B, Paul P, Liu Y, Pattanaik S, Yuan L (2020) Revisiting the ORCA gene cluster that regulates terpenoid indole alkaloid biosynthesis in Catharanthus roseus. Plant Science 293:110408.

Paul P, Singh SK, Patra B, Liu X, Pattanaik S, Yuan L. (2020) Mutually Regulated AP2/ERF Gene Clusters Modulate Biosynthesis of Specialized Metabolites in Plants. Plant Physiology 182:840-856.

Liu YL, Patra B., Pattanaik S, Wang Y, Yuan L. (2019) GATA and PIF transcription factors regulate light-induced biosynthesis of vindoline in Catharanthus. Plant Physiology 180:1336-1350. 

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Shen EM, Singh SK, Ghosh JS, Patra B, Paul P, Yuan L, and Pattanaik S (2017). The miRNAome of Catharanthus roseus: identification, expression analysis, and potential roles of microRNAs in regulation of terpenoid indole alkaloid biosynthesis. Sci Rep 7:43027.

Wang H, Yang J, Zhang M, Fan W, Firon N, Pattanaik S, Yuan L and Zhang P (2016) Altered Phenylpropanoid Metabolism in the Maize Lc-Expressed Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) Affects Storage Root Development. Sci Rep 6:18645

Singh SK, Wu Y, Ghosh JS, Pattanaik S, Fisher C, Wang Y, Lawson D and Yuan L (2015) RNA-sequencing Reveals Global Transcriptomic Changes in Nicotiana tabacum Responding to Topping and Treatment of Axillary-shoot Control Chemicals. Sci Rep 5:18148.

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