Ling Yuan
Principal Investigator

Professional Profile

After working in the biotech industry for 10 years as a Principal Scientist and a Program Manager, I joined KTRDC in 2003 and currently serve as the Executive Director and a Professor in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences.

Research Interests

  • Transcriptional regulation of plant secondary metabolic pathways and the mechanistic roles of functional domains of transcription factors;
  • Application of advanced technologies, such as genome editing, for crop design.
  • Protein engineering to modify genes and protein functions


  • Fall/Spring semesters: ABT 301. Writing and Presentation in Life Sciences
  • Spring semesters: PLS609. Plant Biochemistry


  • Postdoctoral fellow at University of California, San Francisco, 1989
  • Ph.D. (Plant biology, biochemistry and molecular biology), University of Texas at Austin, 1989.
  • B.S. (Biology), Jinan University, Guangzhou, China, 1983.

Additional Information


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